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David and Tigran

We are artists, writers, producers and actors who have come together to help celebrate humanity through the silver designs we create worldwide. The word ART can be defined as "The creation of beautiful and thought-provoking works, for example: painting, music or writing." In our case, our custom jewelry line has been just that, beautiful and thought provoking. Imperial Rose Collections strives in bringing the utmost integrity within our works of art. Whether it's for the actor, musician, painter, writer, or the common man and woman, I.R.C. makes pieces of art for everyone to be worn and adorned throughout life's daily journey. We are all individuals, but in today's age it is hard to separate oneself from conformity. What sets us apart from one another is individuality. Like the painters paintbrush, Imperial Rose Collections makes art through our designs, using precious metals and stones to be worn by the individuals who want to separate themselves from life's conformity. We at Imperial Rose Collections believe that each individual is unique and that are tailored-made works of art will perpetuate their uniqueness. In life, we all have a journey that will hopefully bring us enlightenment. So it is our hope that I.R.C. will be a part of that journey for all. FOR LIFE, FOR LOVE, FOREVER. IMPERIAL ROSE COLLECTIONS SILVER WITH SOUL.