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Tigrani “Ed Hardy” Sterling Silver Chess Set


  • 100% handmade

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Tigrani Ed Hardy Chess Set is made of bronze and embellished with Sterling Silver and Gold.

Ed Hardy chess set takes the realm of the vintage tattoos into a whole new direction. The set creates illusions and brings to life the symbolic images of Ed Hady. The chess set was created as a gift to Christian Audigier for Christmas 2008. The pieces are intricately designed to depiction. The king is depicted by the skull . The queen is represented by the infamous geisha with her charming eloquence she stands next to the leader of the pack. The knight stands tall sitting on a horse exhaling flames. The pawn is illustrated as the strong and fierce bulldogs. Bishop is illustrated as the ghost of Ed Hardy.

Order takes about 4-5 weeks for shipping and handling. Please contact us for more information.
chess table made from marble and wood (sold separately)
handcrafted, antique finish
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