Love creates a precious life. The imagination runs wild in the positioning of the couples. The Modern Erotic Sterling Silver Chess Set is made of solid sterling silver and gold electroplated.

opponent 1

one side of this chess set is made of Solid .925 Sterling Silver.

opponent 2

The other side is made of Solid .925 Sterling Silver with Gold Electroplated.

Tigrani Modern Erotic Sterling Silver Chess Set

Tigrani Modern Erotic Sterling Silver Chess Set

approx. measurements:
King – height: 4 1/8 in width: 2 in
Queen – height: 3 7/8 in width: 2 in
Bishop – height: 3 1/4 in width: 2 in
Knight – height: 3 1/4 in width: 2 in
Rook – height: 2 5/8 in width: 2 in
Pawn – height: 2 1/8 in width: 1 1/2 in
chess table made from white onyx, black obsidian and wood (sold separately)
handcrafted, antique finish
free shipping, order takes 4-5 weeks

This Modern Set is 100% handmade with unique detailing to please any couple. Give a Romantic touch to any room with this Chess Set. The price is on sale for $60,000.00 USD and you can purchase it here.

Like Michelangelo, Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, this Chess Set is a work of ART.

This chess set, work of art is one you have never seen before and it sure will turn heads around. All pieces are precious to their positioning and each showcase an erotic tale of art.

As a normal chess set one opponent is white and the other is black, I could make this in material of those colors. But, this specific chess set matches solid silver and gold electroplate to give a very pleasing look.

just to keep you guys aware that this chess pieces are little bigger than standard chess pieces. Therefore this pieces will require a bigger chess table size than one of standard. And yes I do have a matching chess table (sold separately.) The table I offer is made in Armenia, just contact me for details or comment below.

“Chess is not just a Game, It’s an Art Form.” – Tigrani Silver