This are the worlds most Unique Stone Collection you will ever wear. Each design of the jewelry is made specific to match the stone shape and size. I pick a stone and I use that stone to design jewelry that specifically matches that stone. So, every piece made is uniquely 100% handmade for that specific stone. No two are the same, since each natural stone differs from shape, size, color varieties, and texture.

For example lets take a look at this Fishy Fishy with Natural Red Agate Stone Sterling Silver Necklace:

Fishy Fishy with Agate Necklace

Fishy Fishy with Agate Necklace

This Fishy Fishy is one of the Unique Stone Collections that I’ve made, so can you see the shape of the Agate Stone? Its kind of in a form of a triangle, so as I was designing this unique piece, I pictured fish in my mind. Since the stone was in triangle shape, I specifically had that type of fish in my mind to start sculpting. I started sculpting this fish towards this stone and its blended so good, it almost looks like the fish and not a stone. This is what its all about when it comes to this Unique Stone Collections, each piece is individually made for that specific stone.

What Happens When it gets Sold: 

Once its sold then I look for another stone, trying to match the triangle form shape and I recreate the Fishy Fishy Pendant. However, Its not going to be exactly the same as the one in the image, since each stone differs in shape, size, and color variety. I would need to recreate the fishy fishy to specifically match the new shape of the stone. This is how this Stone Collections are so unique because there isn’t 2 exactly the same natural stone in size, shape, color, and texture.

Check out more images of this unique stones:

See, how each one is individually designed to match the specific natural stone? This is Stone Jewelry at another level. Also, if you have a stone and you want me to design something to go unique with the stone you have, please feel free to contact me for I can create anything. Best of all, 100% handmade and in Solid .925 Sterling Silver. Check out my Unique Stone Collection and contact me for custom Jewelry.

And today is also Easter, Wishing you and your family Happy Easter full of blessings. 🙂

Happy Easter from Tigrani