this video is in Armenian and it is my interview with Alina Khachatryan on USArmenian TV. Since this interview is Armenian, I will translate what we were talking about in English.

Besides talking about my work, Conversation kind of took us to my belief in God and Biblical World. I was describing my belief in God and how they are watching us and why they put us here in Earth and all the Religious talk of my belief. I mentioned about dinosaurs that they were here so they could be sketched to bring us and rest of the animals. So for the first part we were talking about my view of God and the Biblical World.

Then I get into talking about making very unique silvers and how I get the ideas and how one idea leads me to another idea. I talk about the quality of Sterling Silver and I talk about Custom Zodiac Jewelry that I make. The Custom Zodiac Jewelry is based on the persons birthday. Based on the horoscope and zodiac sign and month of birth. And I create a custom Pendant for the individual that is very unique and I’m the only one doing this.

Also we talk a little about this new movie that I am producing called Sayiad Nova and we show a little preview of the film. Thank you to everyone who helped us to get this demo done, very great demo.

Overall, I mention the quality of my silver products how each one is meaningful and very unique. For those who watch this video and don’t understand, just send us a comment. And I will describe more detail in any part that you guys mite want more information on.

I want to thank Alina Khachatryan for taking your time and interviewing me. It’s always great seeing you and talking to you, Thank You!