This is my interview with Professor Artem Sarkisyan about Sayiad Nova in Armenian back 3 years ago. This video is in Armenian, but I will write a brief description on what we are talking about.

Brief History on Sayiad Nova 

So we are talking about Sayiad Nova and his history back in 1700’s. He was born on May 14, 1707 with birth name Harutin. He changed his name to Sayiad Nova at age 30. Prior to that Sayiad Nova was in love deeply with this neighborhood girl whos name was Anna. at around age 24 to 25 Sayiad Nova gave a ring to Anna and told her to keep this ring as a pre marriage ring. Because he was going to go overseas for couple years and then return and marry Anna. He had to go overseas because Sayiad Nova was a musician. All musicians go overseas for couple years to learn philosophy and to explore new science behind the earth.

As Sayiad Nova came back at age 30 he found out Anna was married and had a daughter. So he officially changed his name from Harutin to Sayiad Nova, and in order to get Anna back he had to be in a powerful position in the kingdom. So Sayiad Nova went to the king of Georgia and became his lead musician and advisor. At this time Sayiad Nova worked with the king and advised him to divide Georgia into two kingdoms. As Georgia got divided into two kingdoms the king of the other side got Sayiad Nova as his advisor and musician.

Back in those days when you are a king you can pick and choose your wife. This was the goal for Sayiad Nova to get into a powerful position to get Anna. As the king found out about Anna, he fell in love with her beauty. So he killed his wife and took Anna as his new wife. This was unfortunate for Sayiad Nova, but he was still able to see Anna. Eventually Sayiad Nova becomes a priest and gets married to another women and they get kids.

This was just a brief summary, but we talk about Sayiad Nova for this whole interview. If you guys need any information about Sayiad Nova just comment it below and I will answer. I been studying and learning about Sayiad Nova for very long time.