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Caesar Power Pewter Chess Set


  • 100% handmade

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Caesar Power Pewter Chess Set

A splendid showpiece of Caesars power. The chess sets represents antique Rome’s beauty and extravagance of antique Rome. All figures are made from pewter and copper electroplated
approx. measurements:
King – height: 3 15/16in width: 1 1/4in
Queen – height: 3 /4in width: 1 1/4in
Bishop – height: 3 3/8in width: 1 1/4in
Knight – height: 3 1/8in width: 1 1/4in
Rook – height: 3in width: 1 1/4in
Pawn – height: 2 1/2in width: 1 1/8in
chess table made from marble and wood (sold separately)
handcrafted, antique finish
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