This Arabian Horses Chess Set is the last I made of my Chess Collection. This one is unique for all chess pieces are made in a positioning of a horse. From the King to the Pawn all pieces are a horse and all represent a figure in battle.

To separate one opponent from another:
Opponent 1 is made of Solid .925 Sterling Silver.
Opponent 2 is made of Yellow Bronze.

approx. measurements:

King – height: 7.3 inches
Queen – height: 6.75 inches
Bishop – height: 6.5 inches
Knight – height: 5.6 inches
Rook – height: 6.0 inches
Pawn – height: 3.5 inches
chess table made from white onyx, black obsidian and wood (sold separately)
handcrafted, antique finish
free shipping, order takes 4-5 weeks

If you guys are interested for other metals other than sterling silver or bronze, it can be done just message us or comment below.

every horse figure has a symbol of the piece it is. Such as the king has a king crown and the queen has a queen crown and so on. All pieces also come with a genuine gemstone on the front of the figures. It comes with ruby gemstone, however I could replace the gemstone and place another gemstone of your choice. This pieces are made to order and can take up to 5 weeks due to being handmade. Each figure is 100% handmade, therefore the finishing touch is very unique.

This Chess is one that stands separate from the rest, one with Power and Strength. One that is not afraid and one that is ready to take on any battle and to Conquer.

to purchase this Chess please visit here. the price is on sale for $55,500.00 USD.

Playing a game with this chess is not a game, its a War.

Please email me at or comment below if you have any questions or comments regarding this chess or anything. We will help you with all your concerns and inquiries, Thank You!