This was my recent interview with Amerikahayer, language is in Armenian. Interviewer is Marika Avetisyan and we are talking about all my work. A little about me I was born on August 27, 1962. As I was growing up in Armenia I had love for Art from a young age. My whole childhood I was involved with art, not only art but sculpting. I was drawing and sculpting from child age and until now I am into art as my career. I’m talking in this interview that I was sculpting on rock but rock was really dusty. And during winter in Armenia sculpting on rock was extremely cold. So I starting carving on wood instead because its less dust and could be done indoors.

So then in the interview we are talking about some of my sculptures that I did that are now in Armenia as display in church and museums. Then I start talking about how I got into my chess collection. making my chess collection isn’t that easy, its not just sculpting or carving. It is about knowing about the history of the culture, its about knowing each cloth people wore at those times. It is a very complicated process but at the end its an energy of knowledge and culture history and art I put into each chess.

Later in the interview we talk about my love in music, besides being an artist, painter, sculpture, I grew up playing many music instruments. My favorite was the guitar, so besides being a musician and playing the guitar, I starting making my own guitars.

Every creation I make leads me to another creation I love what I do. And all my jewelry and all my work is all made with love. From each pendant I design to each ring, each have unique design and details. I also accept custom orders for what you have in mind I can create into jewelry just email us at

Thank you Marika Avetisyan with Amerikahayer for interviewing me about my love for Art, it is always a passion talking to you, Thank you!